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Series TALP – Agricultural heavy duty lateral mulchers

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    Available in 4 versions: TALP 180 /  200 / 220 / 240

    • Replaceable and four-position adjustable anti-wear slide to vary the cutting height.
    • 3 points bow made in welded carpentry, able to support all the stresses of a heavy series mulcher. 3 points hitch in cat.II and cat.III.
    • The rear idle roller can be configured in 6 distinct positions, which allow the volume and geometry of the case to be varied. There are three height positions away from the rotor (to increase the cutting volume) and three height positions near the rotor (to decrease the cutting volume), this allows you to configure the machine according to the amount of material to be cut (and therefore of the required power) and of the size you want to obtain.
    • The double parallelogram arm system makes it possible to obtain an overall lateral movement of approximately 150 cm, while in the rest position the machine is centered with respect to the hitch, allowing the roadway to be reduced to a minimum during transport on the road.
    • 3 point bow with rotation system. When the tractor is forced to travel along a route with sudden variations in slope, the rotation of the arch prevents the shredder from being crushed towards the ground, limiting compensation with the lift.
    • The rotation system with double connecting rod allows to obtain a range of configurations ranging from the vertical position up to an inclination of about 53 degrees downwards with respect to the horizontal direction.
    • Transmission made with gear box and belts of adequate section to support heavy loads.
    • Rear door adjustable to two positions and removable for easy maintenance.
    • Front protection with steel strips. Rear support roller with roller scraper adjustable in height on 4 positions.
    • Rotor can be equipped with knives for greater shredding capacity and lower power requirement. Rotor that can be equipped with hammers to safely deal with branches and shrubs up to 80 mm in diameter.

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    Series TALP – Data sheet

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