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Where we are: c4 in europe

Since 2015, the C4 line of products has allowed us to make ourselves known and appreciated throughout Italy. We operate directly or through third party wholesalers or resellers. We therefore carry out direct deliveries and are able to guarantee assistance throughout the national territory.

We are also present abroad, supported by retailers specializing in supplies for the agriculture, forest and construction sectors.




We believe that in work the most important gratification is the recognition of others,
whether they are customers or collaborators. It is a great satisfaction for us to be considered,
nationally and internationally, as a reliable supplier of quality products.

Vision and responsibility

Work, product, innovation. For many companies, these three words form the core, the very essence of doing business: for us not, or at least not only. We asked ourselves what “doing business” means and if this can be reduced (even if legitimately) to the sole objectives of convenience and profit. Giving work and producing wealth are undoubtedly excellent ends, but it is no longer enough.

We believe the time has come for responsibility, where those who can must equip themselves to give back to the environment what they use, even a small part.

In 2020 we therefore decided to build a system for the production of energy from renewable sources, a photovoltaic system capable of self-producing the energy we need. A significant investment of which we are particularly proud.

Technological development is running in all directions.
It gives us new tools with which to work better and produce more.
But take only what suits us, discarding what seems most uncomfortable at the moment,
it’s like walking holding one eye.

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