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The workshop: our beating heart

Production of components for earthmoving machinery – Our workshop is equipped with a modern machine park that allows us to carry out all the processing phases internally:

  • 2 boring mills with X2500 Y1100 Z1300 strokes
  • 3 numerically controlled lathes with turning capacity up to a diameter of 650 mm and a length of 3000 mm
  • 5 machining centers, 3 of which are palletized
  • 1 small and medium carpentry assembly and welding department

But a beating heart, even if equipped with sophisticated and cutting-edge machinery, would not be completely self-sufficient in production if it were not accompanied by a “thinking” center. Thanks to the acquisition of a modern 3D CAD system, C4 Meccanica designs and designs all the machinery it produces, managing to satisfy its customers starting from the prototyping phase to the delivery of the finished product.

Special processing and on behalf of third parties

C4 Meccanica also carries out on commission assembly and welding of small and medium carpentry:

  • industrial machine frames
  • building structures
  • looms for agricultural use
  • stainless steel carpentry for food machinery
  • various components

The carpentry department is made up of Mig, Mag and Tig pulsed arc wire welders. Furthermore, we are able to supply the necessary raw material and a series of finishing treatments for the ordered product:

  • heat treatments such as hardening, reclamation, burnishing
  • galvanizing and painting, liquid or powder

C4 Meccanica also offers milling and turning services for third parties. Mechanical processing is carried out on numerically controlled (CNC) lathes and mills. We produce mechanical components machined to design, on customer’s order, managing to work many types of material such as:

  • common steels
  • stainless steel
  • cast iron
  • brass and bronze
  • plastics, both from commercial bar and from molded, cast and forged.

Time allows us to always do new things,
but if we didn’t treasure the experience,
these would not be better than those already made.

What distinguish us from others?

The possibility of being “self-sufficient” is one of the main pillars of C4 Meccanica, a feature that is positively reflected in the following aspects:

Components optimization and customization

The equipment is made according to the real needs of the customer. We can make, on request, design changes to customize the product to the maximum and make it as performing as possible.

Possibility of future changes

We can always modify the characteristics and performance of our machines, even at a later time, by equipping them with technical improvements that our department of production of components for earthmoving machinery may have developed in the meantime.

Customer Service and Customer Care

The assistance service we provide to our customers is total, that is, we know where to put our hands, always and in any case.

Speed in delivery times

Thanks to the company’s internal production of all the components for the production of components for earthmoving machinery, we can boast faster delivery times than our competitors.

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