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Doing mechanics since 1973

In the early 1970s, “making” mechanics was still an activity that was still heavily dependent on the manual skills of individual operators. The technique necessarily had to be accompanied by a wealth of knowledge acquired in the field, what is now called know-how, difficult to acquire simply by sitting at the school desks. Mechanics as we know it today, which uses precision instruments and numerically controlled machines, did not yet exist. It was necessary to know how to do it with the lathe and the welding, and have experience to “sell”.

In 1973 Giancarlo Cucchiarini founded his first business together with a partner. The beginnings, you know, are always difficult but they are also the most exciting moments. The work immediately engages also because the two partners have the job in hand, clear ideas and a great desire to work. It is a lot, but it is not enough. As in all things, you need to know how to look ahead, especially in those years, when the digital revolution was just around the corner and began to provide new cutting-edge machinery.

In 1997 the leap in quality: C4 Meccanica was founded and the historic headquarters in via dei Carrai was purchased. In 2005, Giancarlo’s partner leaves the position and his sons Francesco, Matteo and Andrea take over. The foresight of Giancarlo Cucchiarini, who has always imagined a possible future, has been rewarded. He was able to transfer to his children the passion for mechanics, made up of daily work and an always attentive eye to continuous technological innovations.

In the meantime, C4 Meccanica has carved out a well-defined role in the mechanical production sector, and it is now clear that in order to continue to stand out it will have to know how to constantly innovate, both in the fleet of machines and in the professionalism of its employees. investments in new technologies, together with the expansion of production and services offered.

Today C4 Meccanica is an established entrepreneurial reality, highly technological and equipped with cutting-edge machinery, where constant updating is considered normal routine. The two offices are both in Umbertide, in Umbria, but the breath is anything but regional.

On a national level, C4 Meccanica is now a recognized player, and is establishing itself abroad thanks also to important collaborations with specialized dealers who over time have been able to verify its reliability and the quality of its productions.

How we are organized

C4 Meccanica is divided into two factories, for a total area of ​​about 2500 square meters. The employees are currently 25, characterized by many years of experience in the sector. But in parallel with the experience gained internally, the company has always focused on the continuous updating of its workforce, promoting the training and specialization of its employees through specific professional qualification courses.

The staff of the welding department, for example, obtained process certification thanks to specialization courses, an important recognition that further confirms the quality of our work.

Resp. Mr. Andrea Cucchiarini

CNC production department
Phone: + 39 075 941 59 98, int. 2

Resp. Mr. Francesco Cucchiarini

Equipment assembly
Phone: + 39 075 941 59 98

Resp. Mr. Matteo Cucchiarini

Commercial / purchasing office
Phone: + 39 075 941 59 98, int. 6

Mr. Matteo Tomassini

Design office
Phone: + 39 075 941 59 98, int. 4

Mrs. Valeria Scota

Accounting / logistic office
Phone: + 39 075 941 59 98

Mrs. Sarah Pauselli

Administration / purchasing office
Phone: + 39 075 941 59 98, int. 1

Mrs. Michela Cappannelli

Arrivals acceptance / quality
+ 39 075 941 59 98

Mrs. Martina Marchioni

Mr. Alessio Brugnoni

Quality control and warehouse manag. office
Phone: + 39 075 941 59 98, int. 3

Mr. David Amello

Research and development office
Mobile: + 39 349 070 01 41

Our certifications

For several years, the company has had an ISO 9001: 2015 Quality and Safety ISO 45001: 20018 certification system, to further guarantee its production and the safety of its employees. Below is the list of our certifications:

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